Beauty Trends for 2019 – Amp Up Your Skin Care!

You’ve probably been seeing some of these products and trends for the past few months. And it’s not your imagination that they’re everywhere you look in the world of beauty. Avon has the trends spelled out for us and the skin care products to match! All products below are available online at my Avon store….

Smoky Eye Look. Glam Eyeshadow Can be Yours Too!

Smoky Eyes – How Do They Do That? The Smoky Eye look is a classic, sultry way of emphasizing your eyes and getting a dazzling glam glow. With Avon’s True Color Eyeshadow Quads to get you started, you’ll soon be a pro! Step 1: Watch the video: And/OR – Follow the Infographic steps below from…

CRAVE. Lip Gloss for Your Cravings.

Lip Gloss Lovers and AVON Fans – You won’t want to miss this. The new AVON lip gloss – CRAVE – comes in 12 luscious shades and flavors, including, you guessed it – Birthday Cake! Before I give you the run down of flavors and great qualities, let me point out that for a short…

Flirting with Spring!

Avon is Flirting with Spring! With Avon’s Flirting with Spring Fashion Collection, the Mark. Exotic Garden Collection, and the Spring Fling Jewelry Collection, you can add some sunshine and blue skies to your days!

What’s Your Fragrance Personality?

Do you have a favorite perfume or body mist fragrance? I know I have several, but I wasn’t always aware of why they were my favorites. Knowing more about the fragrance characteristics can help you find other great fragrances that are similar to your favorite when you want to try something new! For example, I…